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frequently asked questions

Do I need an industrial hemp license to purchase seed?

Yes, you must attain your license from your state and we need your license number to place an order.

What is the minimum purchase order?

2,000 seeds is the minimum order you can place.

How many seeds do you plant per acre?

About 2,000 seeds

When do you plant?


When do you harvest?


My state requires THC to be under 0.3% THC, are your seeds compliant?

Yes, our plants are tested by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and THC compliant otherwise we cannot sell it.

I live in ______ state. Can you ship my seeds there?

Yes, we ship our seeds all over the country. We have farmers in all four corners of the country, middles states included!

Ready to place
an order?
This is what we will need...
  • Your Hemp License Number from your State

  • Farm Name

  • Farm Address

  • Shipping Address (if different)

  • Quantity of Seeds

You can pay either by sending a check or placing a wire transfer. We will provide more information throughout the ordering process.

Additional questions?

 leave a note here or email us at

Success! Message received.

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