Who is boring hemp?


Boring Hemp Company is located in beautiful Boring, Oregon. Our family has been farming the same land for the past 35 years. Much has changed over the years, but our connection to the ground we work on has only grown deeper. 

  • Supply world class genetics for seeds to farmers for CBD hemp flower

  • Work with farmers across all different climates, latitudes, and soil conditions to grow optimal, high yield CBD flower 

  • Supply the highest quality CBD biomass to be turned into life changing oils

  • Set out everyday to help our world become a healthier place



Family Run: We do not always agree, but we are stuck with each other. We are committed to working to build our farm with collaboration in mind.


Organic Growing Practices: We believe we can work with the land and don't need to use harmful chemicals in the process.

We are Farmers: We do not just supply seed. We grow our genetics in our own fields for high CBD flower. This drives us to continually seek and breed the best genetics.


Industry Growth: We are always looking for new avenues to use our amazing plants.

Senator Merkley
Visits The farm!

Boring, Oregon                    boringhempco@gmail.com