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It is all about genetics! We are very serious about our quality control.


All our genetics come with THC compliance from the state, third party germination and feminization tests. We want to give our customers a very clear view of what they are buying.

Our catalog changes from year to year. We are continually trying to provide the highest quality compliant genetics available.

For a full list of our genetics and what we will have available check in our ordering page. 

Seeds still available to be packed up an

Space and time can be a limiting factor when starting seeds.

We are very scientific about the soils we start our seeds in. We design our soils to give our seeds the optimal growing medium.



We lose very few plants each year to pest or disease. We attribute that success to the inclusion of CannaRx and CannaGenesis in our fertility program.

Seed starts come in 144 or 231 cell trays. Starts will generally be 3-4" tall with one or two leaf sets. Please note we do not arrange shipping for starts going out of the state of Oregon.

Starts orders typically placed in March for pickup around June 1st. 

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We have more seed varieties getting ready for testing. Email us for more details!

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